Here is that the list of best love quotes to propose a boy. principally solely ten boys area unit there World Health Organization reject a girl’s proposal as a result of they’re not interested or already in an exceedingly relation. These quotes can assist you to propose a boy World Health Organization is single and settle for your proposal. And just in case the boy is already in relation, we’ll not recommend any tip. Lol…

Read our Love Tips to form a decent and in love relationship.








:- To make you mine, I’ll do whatever I get.
I think in your love, I am becoming mad.

:-Don’t ignore me, I am in love with you.
Waiting for the moment, when you’ll say I LOVE YOU TOO.

:- Honey, you’re so sweet, different from everyone I meet.
I hope you understand my feeling, its love not a dealing.

:- I’ll never gonna make you cry, if you just hold my hand.
Together we’ll seed our love plant, as water and sand.

:- Many girls are waiting for you, like people in a bank standing in a queue,
I cant understand what’s wrong with me, Day or Night I only think about you.

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